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I'm Lina, designer and fashion addict from Paris. This is my inspiration blog ~ You will mostly see everything girly, pink and pretty. Enjoy your stay! also don't hesitate to message me to check out your blog. I always love making new friends ❤

my loves

Sewing, drawing, cosmetics, make-up, high fashion, animals, video games, gardens, sleeping, great books, high heels, baking, pretty little things, long conversations, dressing up, the beach, macaroons, music, shopping, swimming, yoga, fruits, pink, purple, Victoria's Secret, Sephora, bikinis, nail polishes, everything kawaii, korean music + fashion, cosplay, the spring & summer, museums, etc.

Since July 1st 2013 -

this is a total rebuild of my blog so if you know and were following girlychic already, don't be confused. Add me back and I will of course, follow you back again! Just don't forget to message about me about it. xx

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Christmas in Paris